Friday, June 29, 2018

Creativity Takes Courage T-Shirts And Mugs

Recently, I added a Typography category to my Zazzle shop, and since then I've been having lots of fun creating Text-Only designs.

One of my favorite quotes is from Henri Matisse... "Creativity Takes Courage." And indeed it does! As an artist, I know how much courage it takes to put your creativity "out there" for all to see. Most people don't have any idea how much time and thought and heart and soul goes into each handcrafted piece that an artisan makes or each work of art that an artist produces. It takes courage to express yourself in visual form... for you open yourself up to criticism and ridicule.

But anyone who has a creator's heart knows that, to be truly happy, create they must! So I hope this design can be an encouragement to other creative people as they continue to paint, pot, sew, knit, build, invent and think outside of the box every day!


"Creativity Takes Courage" T-Shirt
is available in Women's Short Sleeved and Women's Long Sleeved, both in white.

"Creativity Takes Courage" Mug is available in an 11 ounce size and a Jumbo size.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sailboat Buddies Mug Inspiration

I grew up in a sailing family... My Dad absolutely LOVES sailboats!! And because my Dad loves them so much, my Mom grew to love them too! And so, many of my summertime memories growing up are about sailing and being around the water.

I can remember learning to sail in our little 'Penguin'... a one man wooden sailboat with only one sail. Though I wasn't the best sailor in the family, I did enjoy being out on the river being pushed along by the breeze.

Eventually, my family went on to own bigger sailboats made for racing and exploring... but my favorite by far was that little wooden Penguin made for just one sailor. And that little boat is the inspiration for the "Sailboat Buddies" illustration I created.

Thinking back on those growing up days, there are lots of words that go together with sailing for me... Sailing, Wind, Sunshine, Gulls, Lake, River, Dock, Sailboat, Happiness. And so, as I planned out how this "Sailboat Buddies" mug would look, I decided to include those words in the overall design.

I hope you like the final product as much as I do!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Birthday Bash Party Invitation For Kids

Just recently, I took an online course offered by Elke Clarke... a ProDiamond Zazzle Designer. In the course, Elke taught us how to design invitations for all kinds of events.

Of course, I needed to try my hand at invitation making!... and since my illustrations are mostly kid-friendly, I chose to design a birthday party invitation for my first try. It took some time to get all the "pieces" to fit together correctly... but now I'm really happy with the way this design turned out! I hope that you like it too!  :)

All of the text that you see above can easily be customized for YOUR child's birthday party!... Your child's name, the date of the party, where the shindig will be happening, and what time it will be held. Zazzle makes changing the details on the invitation to suit your needs a SNAP!

You can find the "Birthday Bash" Birthday Party Invitation in my Zazzle shop, PholkartStudio!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Oh... Camping We Will Go!

One of the JOYS of summertime for my husband and two sons has been going hiking and camping together in the mountains of North Carolina! Weeks beforehand, plans need to be made, backpacks readied, camping gear checked, hiking trails picked, camping site reserved, weather forecast double checked, and the perfect camping menus decided upon. Then the back of the car is loaded down with gear (I make sure they have plenty of mosquito repellent!), and they're off for their Great Outdoor Adventure!

I was thinking about my guys' love of camping when I designed this mug! It has my Back2Nature illustration on two sides of the mug... and in the middle are words I think of when I think about camping. Mountains. Rivers. Trees. Nature. Sky. Woodlands. Wildlife. Peacefulness.

The "Back2Nature" Mug is available in two sizes... 11 ounces and Jumbo. You can find them for sale in my Zazzle shop, PholkartStudio!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I Love The Beach!

Last week I was working on Christmas designs... but this week, it's been all about the BEACH!

Here's an example of the design I've been working with... a combination of my "Sunny Days" illustration and my "Buckets of Fun" illustration. I layered these together and added the phrase, "I Love Carolina Beach!" on the top to make a brand new design.

My thought in creating this design was that it would be fun for families to be able to make their own matching beach shirts for that much-anticipated family beach vacation! Just customize the name of the beach on the shirt with YOUR favorite beach!

Along with t-shirts for family members of all ages, I also created a cute Beach Tote Bag with a matching design...

From my own experience at the beach with kiddos, having a personalized tote bag seemed like a fun and easy way to help the kids keep up with their own "beach stuff" (flip flops, sunglasses, frisbees, books...) while going to and from the beach each day!... A winning idea for Mom & Dad! *wink!*

You can find these beachy designs for your family at "Sunny Days" in the PholkartStudio Zazzle Shop!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Home Is My Happy Place

Happy Saturday Friends!!  :)

I always look forward to Saturday mornings at our house!... It means blueberry pancakes and coffee with my husband, then getting odd jobs done around our almost-100-year-old house. My husband putters around in the garden when the weather is nice and I'm in charge of sprucing up the inside of the house & creating art!

I'm truly a homebody at heart!... The artwork I created for this cute pillow really says it for me!... "Home Is My Happy Place." Without a doubt, I'm content to spend most of my days just being at home with my husband, with our sweet labrador retriever, Winnie, and with the people I love.

The "Home Is My Happy Place" Pillow is available in the PholkartStudio Zazzle Shop. It comes in a choice of yellow, green, red, black or white fabric that accents the word art design. It can be ordered in Polyester, Cotton, Zipperless, and even Outdoor Fabric... A fun addition to YOUR happy home!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

End Of School Teacher Gift Idea!

Believe it or not, the end of the school year is right around the corner! I remember as a mom of elementary-aged children, dashing around at the last minute to find just-the-right-present to say a BIG THANK YOU to our sweet teachers for a great year at school! ❤️
Well, here's a thought... something you can design for your child's teacher that they're sure to use and appreciate!

These cute Back2School Post-It Notes can be customized with your teacher's name and the name of your school. Even the background color can be changed if you'd like!

You can find these cute Back2School Post-It Notes in the PholkartStudio Zazzle Shop